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Who are we and what do we do? 


Aston LINKS is more than just a first aid society. It is a unique and friendly space to learn basic first, a skill which can save lives, whilst socialising with other students. The University side of the society includes our weekly sessions, fundraising and socials. Our weekly meetings cover a large variety of transferable first aid skills such as CPR, the use of AED's and how to spot/treat medical conditions. You can learn these skills as a member of our society or take it further and become a St John Ambulance volunteer, receiving an accredited First-Aid qualification. We run a range of social gathering outside of our society nights such as laser tag, paintballing, training weekends away and our annual awards evening. 

As a valued society member, you will be able to gain new first aid skills, or improve your current ones, as well as take part in all our socials - which you can choose! After the first term, we encourage our members to be more involved with the sessions, perhaps by planning or leading part of one. This will boost transferable life skills including public speaking. Our sessions involve teaching the skills necessary and having fun while learning them. You will be able to practice those skills with the equipment we have gained through fundraising. This includes practising with; Anne Dolls (CPR), AEDs, Bandages, adrenaline autoinjectors (EpiPen’s) and slings. 

If you wish to join St John Ambulance, you will further enhance these skills on residential weekends and training days at our headquarters in Birmingham, which is just around the corner. Once all the necessary training has been completed, you can attend a vast variety of events for which we provide first aid cover. This includes small local events such as Football games, University events or larger ones such as the London Marathon, Pride and even V-fest.  


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