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Welcome to the CAD Society!

We work closely with the Engineering Society as part of the 'CAD and Engineering Society' so by signing up with us you get access to both.

Aston Engineering Society:


Who we are

The CAD society is a collective of students who work together to improve their 3D modelling (CAD) skills. We provide weekly sessions in 3D modelling software’s as well as host projects given to us from real companies. Our aim is to grow all our members skills and to ensure members are ready for the CAD challenges that await them in industry.


What is CAD?

CAD is a type of software used internationally to design virtual solutions to real world problems before making it in the physical. By this method of ‘Computer Aided Design’ engineers and designers can design more efficiently and effectively.


The CAD society have a session every Thursday from 6pm - 8pm.

Once joined, follow us on Instagram and Linkedin. You will also be added to our society Whatsapp Groupchat where you will receive up-to-date information:


Instagram: @cadsociety


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