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A society in which members can learn how to solve a rubiks cube and build up speedsolving techniques to solve faster. We also support members who want to solve other twisty puzzles (like 4x4, 5x5, 6x6 rubiks cubes or even mastermorphixes) and emphasise progression of skills and meeting new people. People of all skill levels from beginners who haven't yet learnt how to solve a rubik's cube to advanced speedcubers are welcome in the society. 


Cubing sessions before quarantine were held once per week at the MLK on campus from 4-6pm on Wednesdays during the MLK's "Games Night" event, where free pizza is available. Currently we will be hosting sessions on our Discord Server at the same times. As well as being an event in which members can learn about cubing, this session is also a social event for members to make new friends and even race other members to solve the rubiks cube. 

Each week a different selection of unique puzzles will be available for members to learn how to solve, or just to play with, ranging from easy puzzles which do not require any method to difficult ones which require knowledge of how to solve a rubik's cube and additional steps in the solving process. 


The membership fee is £5 per academic year and members will all be given their own speedcube so that they are able to practise their techniques outside of society sessions. 

If you are interested in purchasing membership and you have any questions please contact the committee on Discord or Gmail (

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