Hate Crime

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Hate Crime


Aston Students’ Union acts as a third-party Hate Crime Reporting Centre recognised by West Midlands Police.


We stand by equality, diversity and inclusion for all and we are committed to justice for all those impacted by racism and discrimination. We have zero tolerance for any forms of hatred and systemic injustice. This is why we have agreed to help report hate crimes and hate incidents.


What is a hate crime?

Disability, race, religion, sexual orientation and gender identity are all protected characteristics under the law.

The police and the CPS define a hate crime as "Any criminal offence which is perceived by the victim or any other person, to be motivated by hostility or prejudice, based on a person's:

  • disability or perceived disability;
  • race or perceived race;
  • religion or perceived religion;
  • sexual orientation or perceived sexual orientation;
  • transgender identity or perceived transgender identity.

Anyone can be a victim of a hate crime because the victim doesn’t have to be a member of one of the five protected characteristics, they only need to be perceived as being a member.

What is a hate incident?

A hate incident is a behaviour which might not be a criminal offence but is perceived by the victim or any other person, to be motivated by hostility or prejudice, based on the same categories as above.

Not all hate incidents will be criminal offences, but they should still be reported and recorded by the police.

Hate crimes and incidents include physical or verbal abuse, bullying, harassment, intimidation, damage to property and more. They can also take place in person, over the telephone, in writing and even via social media.


How to report a hate crime or incident

If you are a victim or witness a hate crime or incident, you can report it by choosing the most appropriate option below:

In an emergency situation:

  • Call the police on 999 when anyone is seriously hurt or in danger

In non-emergency situations:

Aston Studentss:

  • SafeZone App - If you are on campus and experience or witnes a hate crime or incident you can report it to security via the SafeZone App which can be downloaded onto your mobile phone
  • If the hate crime/incident was caused by the behaviour of a student at Aston University you can report this to the University Discipline Officer Liz Hobday (E.A.Hobday@aston.ac.uk). Aston University may decide to investigate any Aston student’s behaviour which they consider falls below acceptable standards and is in breach of the Student Code of Conduct and Regulations on Student Discipline

How can we help?

If anyone (including members of the public) wants to report a “hate crime” or “hate incident” without directly contacting the police they can contact our Advice & Representation Centre and we can help you to report it.

Our Advice & Representation Centre provides a safe, non-judgmental and confidential space for you to discuss your experience. Our advisers can help by providing guidance and support so that you feel empowered and confident about what steps to take. We will also signpost victims to service that provide support based on their circumstances.

If you see or experience a hate incident or hate crime, help prevent it again to you or someone else by reporting it to one of our advisers at advice@aston.ac.uk.


Advice & Representation Centre,
Aston Students Union,
8 Coleshill Street,
B4 7BX

Telephone: 0121 204 4848

Do you have to give your personal details when making a report?

You can choose to give your personal details or report anonymously.

When making a report with help from Aston Students’ Union, you should make clear if you want to remain anonymous and/or if you don’t want the report passed on to the police.

Please note that Aston Students’ Union will not be responsible for any part of investigation the investigation or any decisions made in relation to the report.


Where can I find more information about hate crime?

For more information about Hate Crime, please visit the following websites: