Recommend a Friend

If you know an Aston student who you think would be a great Officer, you can use the form below to let them know anonymously!

For more info on the roles, you can click here.


Recommend a Friend 2020

Aston Students' Union is a student-led organisation, and students are elected every year to form the leadership of the organisation.

If you know an Aston student who has excellent leadership qualities and is passionate about improving the student experience, then an Officer role might be for them!

You can use this form to anonymously let students know that you think they'd make a good Officer. Anybody can fill in this form, including students, Students' Union staff, and University staff.

Submitting this form will not automatically make them an Officer, and it won't make them a candidate in the elections, but we will let them know that somebody thinks they have the right skills for the job!


You can find out more about the officer roles by clicking here. If you'd like to find out more about what it's like to be an Officer, then get in contact to arrange a meeting with one of our officers by emailing!