Recommend a Friend

If you know an Aston student who you think would be a great Officer, you can use the form below to let them know anonymously!


Recommend a Friend

Please enter their full name

Please add their student number so we can contact them.

Please let us know their course and year/level so that we can be sure we've got the right person.

Different roles would suit different people - so let us know which role would suit them best. For more information on the roles, head over to Officer Roles.

If you'd like, you can anonymously let the student know why you think they'd make a good fit. We'll share anything you write here with them.

We won't mention this information to anyone - it's just helpful to know where our recommendations are coming from!


You can find out more about the officer roles by clicking here. If you'd like to find out more about what it's like to be an Officer, then get in contact to arrange a meeting with one of our officers by emailing!