ABG Internet



Access to the Internet at Aston Brook Green is free and can be achieved by registering for the wireless or wired (Ethernet) networks.  

Please note that access to the network will be suspended if –

  • You attach any routers, switches or unregistered devices to the network.
  • You try to hack into the firewall or server.
  • You register devices belonging to anyone other than yourself.

Up to EIGHT devices can be registered per tenant.   Please do not register your device for the wired (Ethernet) network unless you are going to use it.  You can always register at a later date if needs be.  Registration can take up to three days from your application.

You will need to email (verbal or written applications are not acceptable) the following information to MALCOLM LAWRIE, the Aston Brook Green Adviser, using this link HERE -

  • Your Name
  • Your Flat Number
  • Your Mobile Telephone Number
  • Your Email Address
  • Device 1
    Type of Device – Computer / Phone / Tablet
    Connection – Wireless / Wired (Ethernet)
    The Device’s Physical (MAC) Address  (not IP address)
  • Device 2
    Type of Device – Computer / Phone / Tablet
    Connection – Wireless / Wired (Ethernet)
    The Device’s Physical (MAC) Address
  • Etc……

The physical (also known as MAC) address is a 12 character hexadecimal sequence. It is made up from a combination of the numbers 0 to 9 and the letters A to F. If you’re unsure you can find it by:

  • PC users - bring up the command prompt (if you do not know how to do this you will need to Google it) and then type ‘ipconfig/ all’. This will bring up a list of physical addresses.   I need ALL of the mac addresses where the description contains the word ‘Wireless' or 'wf-fi' - there is normally one, but some devices have up to three. 
  • Apple Mac users - open System Preferences, click on 'Network', then click on 'Wi-Fi' in the left hand column, then click on Advanced and you will see the Airport ID or WI-FI Address at the bottom of the dialogue box.  That is what I require.

For other devices you will need to Google "find wireless MAC address for" followed my the make and model of the device that you want to register.

Once all of this information has been received you will be granted access to the network. This should take no more than 2 working days.


After registering your physical address, you should be able to connect to the network ‘ABG_Wireless’ without any further configuration of your device.


Please make sure that your computer has an up to date operating system, including the latest patches, security updates, personal firewall and anti-virus. Not having these on your computer affects how fast the Internet runs for you and other users.


All problems relating to the network must be reported by email to the Accommodation Services Manager or in person to his office. Either way the following information must be given otherwise your issues cannot be dealt with:

  • What is your Flat Number?
  • Are you connect wirelessly or by Ethernet (wired)?
  • Is the ABG network visible to your computer?
  • What is the signal strength?
  • When did you last successfully connect?
  • When did you become aware that you could no longer connect?
  • Are your other devices working OK?
  • Are your flat-mates / neighbours experiencing similar problems

This information is required to try and ascertain whether the problem lies with the network or your computer.


No software support or hardware support is offered by ABG.

If you encounter difficulties please check that you have given the correct physical / MAC address for the your device.

Please remember that this is a free service and any help we can give is only limited. We are only able to provide you access to the network via your MAC address.