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Welcome To Aston Somali Society



Welcome to Aston SomalI Society. Our main aim is to represent the fairly sized Somali student body here at Aston. To keep up with our latest events make sure to follow us on Twitter, Instagram and like us on Facebook. We love our culture and sharing it with others. We aim to have events at least every two weeks on a Wednesday so if you missed our last event make sure you come to our next one. All are welcome to join our society - we are super inclusive ;)      



What do we do?

As we mentioned we aim to meet once every forthnight on a Wednesday for different events such as, games night, movie night, different cultural events, tea party and debate nights where we dicuss current issues in our society and to do with Somalia. On top of that, we organise a few more events to raise money for chairty such as a football tournament alongside other Somsocs in England, a huge and exciting cultural show and so on. In february we colloabrate with SYFI, a somali youth organisation to raise as much money as we can for charity here in the Uk and back Home. This year we aim to regain the title of the somsoc who raised the most.

What do you get for your membership fee?

Well, our membership fee is very cheap at just £5. This gives you free entry to some of our events and a huge discount to the events that we do charge for. So why not join? 

Our Committee 2018/19

President - Salma Hassan


Vice President- Hamza Abdi

                                                                                                                      Hamza Abdi

Treasurer- Safwa Hassan


Secretary- Sumaya Isxaaq


Events Coordinator - Suaad Mohamed


Events Team - Amin Hassan and Mubarak Mohamud      

           Aston Somali Society       

    Aston Somali Society            




Outreach Officer - Ismahan Mohamed


Social Media Officer - Najma Abdulle


Charity and Fundraising Officer - Usama Haroun


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  Follow us on Twitter: AstonSomaliSoc



                         HOPE TO SEE YOU SOON :)

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