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Aston DJ Society (ADJ) is for aspiring DJ’s and music producers who want to share their passion with like minded people. Whether you’ve never touched the decks before or you’re a regular, we welcome all levels of ability to join us in a society that provides you with the help you need, whilst enjoying every second of it. You may not even want to DJ, but if you want to explore the nightlife that Birmingham has to offer, trade production tips and share your love of music, or just expand your music knowledge and taste, then this is the place for you!
It doesn’t matter what music you’re in to, (yes we see you Nightcore and Gabber fans, no judgement) between the current committee we cover a wide variety of genres and are always up for being introduced to new ones! We’ll be organising socials, clubnights, and events, and collaborating with other clubs and societies throughout the year to keep you involved in the Birmingham music scene.



Every week we hold a couple hours of open decks where the experienced DJ's can have a play and a mix on our bigger CDJ's, and we can teach our beginners the basics of mixing on smaller, easier setups. Even if you don't want to learn to mix, come down and have a chat with us, we're always down to talk music and nightlife with new and prospective members! The details for time and place for mixing sessions are still to be decided, but we will let people know as soon as it is decided! Until then, keep an eye on our socials for more news.



At the end of the day we’re all about music, and want everyone to contribute to the growing love we have for it. Sign up for:
  • Discounted entry to DJ Pirate Studios in Birmingham for 24/7 use of their equipment. 
  • DJ mixing sessions and nights with other members of the society
  • The opportunity to add to the already diverse number of student DJ’s in Birmingham and pursue a shared passion for music!



Instagram: @astondjsociety



President - Mike Coyne
Vice President - Tom Bowen
Secretary - Preyesh 


We look forward to meeting you all!

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DJ Society Elections 2023/24

This election is to decide on Committee membership for DJ society for the 2022/23 academic year.

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