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Progression Board Decisions – Students at Risk of Withdrawal

If you fail a significant proportion of the modules for your programme, the Board of Examiners may decide that you have not made sufficient progress in your academic studies during the year and decide you will have to leave the programme.


Progression Decision – Making Representations to the Board of Examiners

Before making a final decision on whether you must leave the programme, you will give you an opportunity to explain any circumstances previously unknown to the Board that might have affected your performance. Your School will usually send an email explaining this with a request for a response.

You will have three options:

  1. To attend in person or virtually and also do a written submission for the Board to consider.
  2. To just do a written submission (send it by email), in which case the Board will consider what you have said and make a decision in your absence.
  3. To attend in person or virtually (you must tell the Board you want to do this) but not do a written submission beforehand.

You will need to inform the Board of your decision within the deadline they have given.


Responding to the School’s email

Our advisers recommend Option 1 (if possible): that you attend and submit a letter explaining your circumstances. It is very important that you let the Board know as soon as possible what you propose to do before their deadline. Please don’t ignore the email in the hope that it will all go away.

If you miss the deadline, you should still let the Board know. They may still be willing to accept your request to attend and/or your written submission but you will need to contact them as soon as you can. If you do not reply you will usually be withdrawn.


Writing a statement

Your statement should include the following information:

  1. A detailed explanation of why you believe you failed your assessments/modules
  2. Supporting evidence if you experienced any exceptional circumstances you feel may have affected your performance
  3. A short action plan explaining what you intend to do differently in order to improve your performance
  4. Your desired outcome i.e. the decision you would like the Board to make regarding your situation

Our Advisers can also help with your written statement if there is time before your deadline, but you will need to send it to us in draft form first (in Microsoft Word format not PDF). We can then review it and provide feedback.

Once completed, you should send a copy of your statement and any relevant supporting evidence to your School.


Attending the Board Meeting

The Board will usually consist of at least four members including the Chair and will call you into the meeting room when they are ready. They will sit opposite you and will introduce themselves and ask questions regarding your situation and any statement you have submitted.

Once the Board feel they have sufficient information, they will ask you to leave the room while they make their decision. If they are able to give a decision on the same day they will ask you to wait outside and call you back in for the decision. Otherwise you will receive the decision in writing usually within 10 days.

One of our advisers will usually be available on the day of the Board meeting to offer advice and support if you will be attending and we can attend the meeting with you for support. It may not be the same Adviser you contacted beforehand for advice, as it all depends on who is available.


After the Board Decision

If you are granted another opportunity to complete your studies you will be informed in writing of the next steps for continuing on your programme and completing any assessments.

If you are withdrawn from your programme of study, you will no longer be a student at Aston University. If you wanted to continue studying your options would be:

  • Consider appealing the decision – More information on appeals can be found on our website
  • Consider applying for another programme of study at Aston University
  • Consider applying for the same or another programme at another university

Please contact us for more information if you would like advice on any of the options listed above.


How we can help

  1. We can explain the process of making representations to the Board
  2. We can provide feedback on your statement before you submit it
  3. We can provide advice on the evidence required to support your statement
  4. We can accompany you the meeting with the Board
  5. We can discuss your options if you are unhappy with the Board’s decision